bean-free coffee.

The Problem

Coffee supply is diminishing and unsustainable.

Climate change threatens to erase 50% of coffee farmland by 2050.Demand for coffee is expected to triple, within the same time period, increasing prices.Coffee production requires 29 kg of CO2 per kg, creating a negative flywheel.

Our Solution

We make coffee without coffee beans.

We make coffee grounds that look, brew, and taste just like coffee (and yes, it's caffeinated).Brew it as you normally would—be it in an espresso, French press, or pour-over.Our customers love us for our delicious flavours at an affordable, stable price.

Our Technology

We use fermentation to create coffee grounds.

We identify key aroma molecules responsible for the flavour of coffee.Our novel fermentation process converts food by-products, from beer, bread, and tofu manufacturing, into these same aroma molecules.We've developed a fermentation technology to create more affordable and sustainable flavours; we're just starting with coffee.

Jake Berber

Co-Founder & CEO

Tan Ding Jie

Co-Founder & CTO

Coffee professionals, schedule a tasting with us via email or social media!

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  • MassChallenge Switzerland's 2023 Accelerator

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